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Should Boardrooms & Executives Care About Recruitment Marketing?

Posted by Annie Pullen on December 05, 2016
Annie Pullen
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David Forman, human capital thought-leader and author of Fearless HR, states that “one of the greatest impacts that boards and executives can have is to contribute to discussions of a vision that makes a difference and is worth pursuing.”

Recruitment marketing strategies, he says, should begin nowhere else, but from the top-down, as boardroom leaders and executives have just as much of a responsibility to contribute to conversations about employer brand, company culture, and innovation.

Forman’s recent whitepaper release, ‘The New Boardroom Imperative: Recruitment Marketing,’ discusses steps that boardrooms can take to enact change within the recruitment marketing functions of their organizations. By focusing on practical applications at the boardroom level, change can happen from the top down, as the whole organization can begin to embody their key characteristics of culture, values, intangibles, innovation and brand.

As a part of our ‘Expert Guest Webinar Series’ Forman will be presenting his findings in our upcoming webinar on Thursday, December 15th from 2:00 - 3:00pm ET. Participants will be eligible to receive HRCI and SHRM credit.

To hear from David and learn about building recruitment marketing campaigns that develop an “opt-in” organization, register for the webinar here:

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