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The Best of the Blog in 2016

Posted by Annie Pullen on January 05, 2017
Annie Pullen
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2016... what a year! We hope our blog has provided you with useful recruiting tips and helpful best practices.

To all of our readers, thanks for following us! Keep up with us this year in 2017 for the latest industry trends, research, and insights.

From reflecting on our blog posts from the past year… here are the ones that stood out.

Why Outcome-Based Job Descriptions Drive Up Quality and Quantity of Candidates – Part I

By Leah Daniels 

The Gist:

How can you enforce a culture of creating realistic and compelling job descriptions that land high quality candidates if you do not address key elements of jobs that actually speak to the right candidates? Start by throwing out traditional job descriptions… or should I say, ‘person descriptions.’ Adopt an outcome-based approach to your job descriptions, and then overlay key marketing tactics to drive the maximum applies to your job ads.

Once you have clear outcomes, turn your ads into ‘candidate’ focused job descriptions that are personalized towards the needs of the candidate. Candidates want to see themselves in a role, which can also help them during the interview process. This will help you envision them in the role, too.  Minor language adjustments inspire candidates who actually want to be part of your organization, not just accept a job.

The True Driver of Company Culture and Engagement

By Chris Forman

The Gist:

When people talk about company culture in the technology startup community, the discussion quickly segues to who has the best chef, the biggest company gym, or the coolest nap pod. It’s less about culture and more about WIFM. While that’s all fine and good, Appcastians pride ourselves on being independent and different.

People want, need, and seek out purpose.  They want to know that what they are doing is valuable.  This goes for their personal work… as well as for the work of the company. Feeling your work matters to your clients, your family, and your community is the foundation of what we try to create. We believe it makes a stronger business and a more resolute team… kind of like the Granite in the mountains of our beloved New Hampshire or the Bison in beautiful Belarus.

Appcast Wins 'Coolest Companies for Young Professionals' at StayWorkPlay's Rising Stars Awards

By Annie Pullen 

The Gist:

Appcast was named one of the ‘Coolest Companies for Young Professionals’ by StayWorkPlay, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging 20 and 30 “somethings” to stay in, come to, or “boomerang” back to New Hampshire. The Rising Star’s Awards, sponsored by NHPR, supports New Hampshire’s initiative to encourage the 20 and 30 year old demographic to learn more about the states offering through social media and marketing initiatives. Along with Appcast being nominated for the ‘Coolest Companies for Young Professionals’ Award, Dan Larsen, an Appcast’s Account Manager, was nominated for the ‘Young Professional of the Year’ award.

Hit the Ground Running with your Recruitment Media Buying in 2017

By Leah Daniels

The Gist:

When evaluating your job advertising successes from the last year, there are a few ways you can slice and dice the data to identify what you paid for, versus what your returns were. Before you can evaluate how much you should pay for recruitment media in 2017, you must first consider how much it cost you last year, and its level of impact on your business.

During your data analysis, something else might then hit you: why are you paying for job ads based on models that don’t necessarily align your vendors priorities with your own success? Technology that knows where the right candidates are should also know how many of them are available, and at what price point.  This is essential in determining the supply and demand of your job ad traffic and market bid rates, so you can make the best ad buying decisions in 2017.

Recruiter's: Find your Nirvana by Giving up Your Super Cape

By Leah Daniels

The Gist:

Recruiting is the hardest sales job on the planet. And asking a recruiter - who is already too busy - to know what jobs are the best matches for specific boards is unreasonable. And then to have a crystal ball that lets a recruiter know which types of candidates are being driven by the various boards at any time, given changing client priorities, seasonality and cross-industry pollination of many boards, is a nearly impossible request.

This is where technology must step in: As a recruiter, a hiring manager, a business owner or anyone who needs to add someone to their team, this is much better handled by technology than sheer brain and brawn.  When this all comes together appropriately, the right candidates can find the right jobs for them on all the right sites. You get the highest quality candidates, without the burden of sorting through the wrong candidates. Nirvana.

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