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Appcast Launches 'Expert Guest Webinar Series,' First Featuring Allan Schweyer

November 07, 2016 Annie Pullen

Are you using the best KPIs throughout each stage of your recruiting process? 

Do you know what aspects of your job advertising you need to improve to convert more applicants? 

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Appcast Wins 'Coolest Companies for Young Professionals' at StayWorkPlay's Rising Stars Awards

October 11, 2016 Annie Pullen

Appcast is thrilled to announce that we’ve been named a ‘Coolest Companies for Young Professionals’ winner by StayWorkPlay, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging 20 and 30 “somethings” to stay in, come to, or “boomerang” back to New Hampshire. 

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Appcast Wins 'Most Innovative Enterprise Solution,' Chris Forman Wins 'Innovator of the Year' at TATech's 2016 Conference

September 22, 2016 Annie Pullen

Appcast was thrilled to attend and sponsor TATech’s 2016 Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, NV. Appcast team members Brian Garfield, Tom Chevalier and Leah Daniels headed out to Vegas for a week of all things recruiting.

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Recruitment Marketing: We've Entered the Second Wave

July 22, 2016 Rob Green

The second age of recruitment marketing is here. After years testing the original nascent ideas that came to market, the industry is now shifting to the prevailing models that have proved success, leaving less productive ones behind.

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