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Tips from the Gig Economy Recruiter's Playbook

June 29, 2018 Alicia Little

What can staffing and recruitment firms learn from hiring teams in the gig economy?  More than you think! While the staffing industry and the gig economy are not the same, there are some shared characteristics of hiring practices that are worth exploring. 

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3 Steps to Crafting a High-Performing Job Ad & Application Process

March 08, 2018 Annie Pullen

Your organization's job ads and online apply process have a dramatic impact on the health of your candidate pipeline. When was the last time you examined your apply process from a marketing-centric lense?

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[Webinar Recap] Programmatic 201: Strategies for Candidate Traffic Supremacy

March 01, 2018 Appcast

Last week we teamed up with our friends at Madgex for an indepth webinar, Programmatic 201: Strategies for Candidate Traffic Supremacy. Attendees from many job boards walked away with strategies and considerations for taking next steps in a programmatic approach to building and growing traffic for their business. 

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The Recruitment Industry is Changing... Are You?

February 13, 2018 Alicia Little

The concept of innovation is industry-agnostic. It drives product and service developments, enhancements, and strategy. It's a central catalyst to the 'things' we produce in our businesses, so why shouldn't it also carry through to the 'people' in our business? To our recruitment & talent acquisition efforts?

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Upcoming Webinar for Job Sites - Programmatic 201

February 12, 2018 Alicia Little

On Tuesday, February 20th at 11am ET / 4pm GMT, join Tom Chevalier, VP of Product at Appcast, and Mike Fahey, Executive Vice President at Madgex, for a crash course webinar in adopting a programmatic bidding strategy for your job site.

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[Webinar Recap] The 2018 Recruitment Smackdown: New Players, New Plan

January 29, 2018 Appcast

Wow! What a webinar last week: CEOs from Smashfly & Appcast shared powerful insights about what 2018 holds for recruitment and of course provided some helpful tips for navigating this fast-changing, innovative industry! 

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[Webinar Tomorrow] 2018 Recruitment Smackdown: Industry CEOs Break It Down

January 22, 2018 Appcast

2017. What a year for talent acquisition. It delivered some of the most significant changes and advancements that the industry has ever seen. Google for Jobs. Facebook Jobs. What’s next?

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