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Should Boardrooms & Executives Care About Recruitment Marketing?

December 05, 2016 Annie Pullen

David Forman, human capital thought-leader and author of Fearless HR, states that “one of the greatest impacts that boards and executives can have is to contribute to discussions of a vision that makes a difference and is worth pursuing.”

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Out with the Old, In with the New: The Rise of ‘Talent Attraction’

November 21, 2016 Annie Pullen

‘Our employees are our most valuable asset.’

It would be difficult to find a CEO who hasn’t once uttered this phrase. Tim Sackett, industry thought-leader, blogger, and founder of HRU Technical Resources, says that while this is meant as a compliment, ‘this statement shows the acquisition of assets mentality has become well-ingrained’ within recruiting operations.

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Stop Screening Qualified Candidates ‘In.' You’re Just Screening Them Out (and it’s Costing you a Fortune) - Part 2

November 04, 2016 Leah Daniels

In my last post, we examined the United States employment landscape in relation to candidate screening processes. The moral of the story: endless candidate screening processes cost a boatload of money, and singlehandedly lower an organization's chance to capture top talent.

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Defining Your ROI: The Key to Solving a Recruiting Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

October 18, 2016 Nicole McKeon

Return on investment.

This phrase often hangs over the head of a Talent Acquisition Director like the sword of Damocles, as pressure from the CFO looms in the distance. In job advertising—and recruiting in general—making decisions about where to invest your budget can be daunting, and it’s easy to be unsure of what strategy to take or where to begin allocating your spend.

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A Practical Dictionary for Talent Acquisition: Translating Digital Marketing Language Into Recruitment Language

October 03, 2016 Evan Herman

Employers of all sizes throughout the world continue to embrace the “recruitment marketing and advertising revolution.” This revolution has enabled talent acquisition teams to mimic in employment branding and job advertising what their counterparts on marketing teams have been doing already for several years.

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